1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 2 Nuclear-Weapon-Free Status – Nuclear-Weapon-Free geographical regions Land territory covered by Nuclear-Weapon-Free Treaties Sea territory covered by Nuclear-Weapon-Free Treaties – Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zones 1 5 6 7 9 As of 2010, the above nine nuclear-weapon-free zones are in effect. Some of the treaties related to these zones are at different stages with regard to the signature, ratification and entry into force, as well as with regard to the signature and ratification of their associated protocols containing security assurances from the nuclear-weapon States. The delineation of the Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zones presented on this map is indicative only. Adapted from an original map developed by the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs. The treaties establishing the nuclear-weapon-free zones, inter alia, ban nuclear weapons within the respective territories of the zones, including the acquisition, possession, placement, testing and use of such weapons. ౦ ޢ Ɉྥ ߇ ဪ ࡉ ණ൑ ʠˁʞ˅˃ʋ௸ᄝ 2:78༃!ˁʞˋĆɺʹ˂ʃȤɢɍ ʃ˂ʮණ ۊ ɅȤȫɥ ߇ ဪ ࣮ࡉ ો௸ᄝā ˁ˅ʠˋʄ௸ᄝ 2:96༃!໤ാိ ᅖྥ ߇ ණ൑௸ᄝ ʨˋʋʇ௸ᄝ 2::6༃!ຄ໤ɺʐɺྥ ߇ ဪ ࡉ ණ൑௸ᄝ ʲ˂ˋʘʨ௸ᄝ 2::7༃!ɺʭ˂ʃྥ ߇ ဪ ࡉ ණ൑௸ᄝ ෂܻ ɺʐɺྥ ߇ ဪ ࡉ ණ൑௸ᄝ 3117༃ ʺˋʌ˃ਡྥ ߇ ණ൑ණ ڮ 2::3༃ ໤࣡௸ᄝ!2:6:༃ ޠ ᅖȺɄ௸ᄝ 2:82༃ۧ හऋ࠰௸ᄝ 2:78༃